The creative advertising agency ASPIRIN Advertising, in cooperation with the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, co-organizes the IBUILD-2018 Annual Construction Award, as it did last year.

IBUILD-2018 Award - Ukraine's Top Construction Award! The IBUILD Award will showcase the best representatives of the construction industry, the best construction and development companies, the best specialists and the objects of the construction industry.

The IBUILD-2018 Award is unparalleled in its scale and importance in Ukraine and is unique, which is why we, ASPIRIN Advertising, have undertaken to develop and visualize all the components for this event, to confirm our capabilities.

During the preparation stages for the IBUILD Award, ASPIRIN Advertising developed a creative concept, a statuette, a logo and styling, a script for the award ceremony. A series of videos were shot before the IBUILD Award. ASPIRIN Advertising has also implemented comprehensive advertising for the CBU in order to promote the IBUILD-2018 Main Building Prize.